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Welcome to Satyavani Jyotishalayam (Center for Advanced Vedic Astrology) hosted at The purpose of this site is to enlighten people on the utility of jyothisha (Vedic Astrology).

The following services are also offered:

  1. Fixing of Muhurthams (Auspicious Day) for starting a new job, business, gruhapravesham, namakaranam for new born baby, annapraasana, aksharaabhyaasam, upanayanam and other auspicious functions.
  2. Muhurtham-Set for Wedding (for 3 main functions)
  3. Horoscope Matching (for Bride & Groom)
  4. Brief or detailed Horoscope analysis with advice for remedies of malefic aspects (Birth Date, Time, and Place are needed)
  5. Horary: Answers for questions based on present motion of planets (Gocharam) with advices for remedies of malefic aspects.

Prof. Ramana Rao, Ph.D., F.I.E., F.A.Sc., F.Inst.P., (Retired Professor of Engineering Physics) is an expert Astrologer with 43 years of practice/experience. He was honored with Jyothisha Vidya Praveena in 1975. He gives very reliable predictions and advice. He wrote many original articles and books and also translated sanskrit works on Astrology into English. He follows the ancient Vedic Astrology developed by great Hindu sages Jaimini, Parasara, Varahamihira, Bhrigu, Gopaladeva, and Kalidasa. Prof. Ramana Rao maintains a blog on various topics related to vedic astrology.


Please contact Prof. K.V. Ramana Rao at panditATjyothishiDOTcom for fee particulars.